I create electronic, concert, and ambient music for saxophone, piano, synthesizer, and sampler. The three pillars of my music are improvisation, counterpoint (the weaving together of melodic and rhythmic layers), and repetition (usually in the form of loops, short cycles of repeated sound).

Think of stained glass windows. The windows can be admired as a work of visual art, but they also breathe into the cathedral a space outlined by color and light, through which we can move and think. Likewise, one can listen to my music, but one can also enter and move within it. It can be a room, a corridor, a bed, a blanket, a garden, a boat.

Unless otherwise noted, all instruments heard in these recordings were played by me.


For these four albums, click on their titles above for more information.

Apartment Concert 01272018 is a live recording of a concert I gave in my Brooklyn apartment, January 27, 2018.

Variations is a composition for piano, sampler, and saxophone in eight parts. It was written in 2013 in New York City.

Solo Piano (2007 - 2011is just what it sounds like. All compositions by me. All were written and recorded in New York City.

The River (Live) is a recording of a performance of Symphony No. 1, "The River" at Littlefield in Brooklyn, November 2014. Saxophone, keyboard, synthesizer, and sampler played by me. James Harrison Monaco on drums and Shu Wang on violin. The piece was composed from 2008-2012 in Virginia Beach and New York City. The piece samples Smetana's Vltava, the movies L'Atalante and Playtime, Chinese folk violin recordings, and Japanese gagaku recordings.

"Othello" is a composition for saxophone, piano, and sampler. It was written in 2014 in Virginia Beach and New York City.

"Several Windows" is a composition for saxophone and sampler. It was written in 2008 in Virginia Beach and New York City. 

My favorite hymn.

"Music for Spring" is a composition for solo piano. It was written in 2011 in New York City. This recording is from 2016.

An excerpt from an event put on by the dance collective AUNTS, May 5, 2015 at BRIC Arts Media. I and other musicians took turns playing music while several dance groups danced in the open space. You'll hear some of the other musicians in the background at times. In the first half of this clip, I play music I wrote in Salvador, Brazil in 2015. In the second half I play a piece called "Watercolors," which was co-written with James Harrison Monaco in Virginia Beach in 2008.

"Hymnal" is a composition in three movements for saxophone and sampler. It was written in 2008 in Virginia Beach.

"July 23" was written in 2008 in Virginia Beach.

"Dwo" was written in 2013 in New York City. Sample taken from Tiny Toon Adventures.