In 2015 I received a Fulbright grant as a composer to study samba de roda and write new music in Salvador, Brazil. While there, I worked with Feminaria Musical, a research group headed by Dr. Laila Rosa at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Founded in 2012, the group researches feminism, race, gender, and sexuality in music; holds weekly meetings for discussion and musical experimentation and improvisation; and performs all over the state of Bahia. Feminaria is comprised of UFBA students and faculty from both musical and non-musical backgrounds.

I performed with the group at the 13th Bahian Researchers' Symposium on Women and Gender Relations, titled "Territorialities: Dimensions of Gender, Development, and Women's Empowerment." All photos on this page are from that event and were taken by Leidiane Alves.